pancreatic cancer treatment in bangalore

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in Bangalore

Pancreatic cancer arises in the pancreas, a gland located behind the stomach. The most common type is pancreatic adenocarcinoma in 90% of cases.

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Signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer include jaundice, pain in the tummy that may radiate to the back, unexplained weight loss, light-colored stools, dark urine, and loss of appetite.


The best modality to establish a diagnosis is usually a scan and biopsy. Ultrasound of the tummy, CT Scan and PET CT scan can be used for diagnosis depending upon the situation. A biopsy is generally done using abdominal Ultrasound guidance / CT guidance or via endoscopic ultrasound (EUS). Those patients with unresectable or metastatic cancers may require additional molecular testing.


  • For localised tumors that can be resected, surgery is the treatment of choice followed by adjuvant chemotherapy.
  • For borderline resectable Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for 4-6 months followed by surgery is preferred.
  • For unresectable or metastatic cancers, chemotherapy is the preferred option of treatment. In patients with molecular testing showing MSI-H / d-MMR Immunotherapy with Pembrolizumab can be considered.

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