Melanoma Treatment in india


Melanoma Treatment in india

Melanoma is one kind of skin cancer which arises from the melanocytes of the skin. These are cells responsible for the production of the pigment melanin that gives skin its colour. Melanoma usually occurs in the skin, called cutaneous melanomas but can rarely occur in the mouth, bowels or eyes called mucosal melanomas. It can appear at any place but the most common locations in males being the back and head and neck areas and in women lower extremities, commonly below the knees.


Earliest symptoms include changes to the shape or colour of existing moles or, the appearance of a new lump anywhere on the skin. In advanced stages the mole may itch, ulcerate or bleed.


Biopsy of the suspicious skin lesions is the first investigation to be done. Once the diagnosis is made, a complete skin examination should be performed. If the biopsy confirms the presence of malignant melanoma, then usually a CT or PET CT scan is done to evaluate other organs. Molecular diagnostic tests such as testing for BRAF mutation is usually recommended to decide on treatment.


  •  Early-stage tumors (Stage 0, I, II): The treatment of choice is surgery (wide local excision with sentinel lymph node biopsy). 
  • Locally advanced tumors (stage III) and those with positive sentinel lymph node biopsy: surgery includes wide local excision with lymph node removal followed by adjuvant treatment with immunotherapy (Nivolumab or Pembrolizumab). 
  • Distant spread (Stage IV) disease is treated with surgical resection if limited disease burden and Immunotherapy (Nivolumab or Pembrolizumab). Targeted therapy is recommended for patients with BRAF mutations. Chemotherapy is generally not very effective and hence reserved for when immunotherapy or targeted therapy cannot be given.

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