colorectal cancer hospital in bangalore

Colon & Rectal (Colorectal) Cancer

Colorectal Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the development of cancer from the colon or rectum (parts of the large intestine). Those having family history have a greater risk of disease. Family history is present for about 20% of all cases.

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The signs & symptoms of colorectal cancer depend on the location of the tumor in the bowel, & whether it has spread to elsewhere. Symptoms associated with CRC include lower GI bleeding, change in bowel habits, abdominal pain, weight loss, change in appetite, weakness, constipation and blood in the stool. Occasionally patients can present with just anaemia or with blockage of the bowel called bowel obstruction. Around 50% of individuals with colorectal cancer do not report any symptoms.

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The best modality to establish a diagnosis is an examination using colonoscopy and biopsy. This procedure involves the passing of a flexible tube with a light and camera into the colon through the anal canal and taking biopsies of suspicious lesions. Additional testing is needed to assess whether cancer has spread to adjacent tissues or distant organs (like Liver, lungs and lymph nodes). It includes doing computed tomography (CT scan) of the chest, abdomen and pelvis or whole-body PET CT scan for accurate staging. MRI may be useful in rectal cancers to determine its local stage and to facilitate preoperative planning. If cancer has spread, then molecular testing such as KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, HER2, MSI-H / dMMR are usually done to help decide on treatment. 


  •  For Localised resectable colon cancers surgery is the mainstay of treatment followed by observation or adjuvant chemotherapy depending on histopathology reports
  • For early-stage rectal cancers, local excision can be done if possible, followed by adjuvant chemo-radiation if required
  • For locally advanced rectal cancers Chemotherapy or Chemo-radiation or short-course radiation followed by surgery and completion of adjuvant chemotherapy is the modality of choice
  • For metastatic colorectal cancers, molecular testing for KRAS, NRAS & BRAF mutations and tumor MMR or MSI needs to be determined. Chemotherapy is the preferred option with the addition of Targeted therapies depending upon the molecular testing reports. For d-MMR/ MSI-H tumors immunotherapy options include Nivolumab or Pembrolizumab.


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